My Tiny House Project LA

SCVi Charter School BIG Tiny House Build
Over 135 4th and 5th graders are building a huge Tiny House for a local Veteran. Check out what they are doing and give the Facebook Fan Page a like!

Designing a large mobile shower facility 
One of our Angel donors has donated a large trailer which i am designing to be a mobile shower/laundry facility to help people get clean. 

Delivering tons and tons of water (literally) to help keep people alive
Every week I load up the truck bed with tons of water, Toilet Paper, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and various other supplies and bring them to those in need of clean water and the basics to stay alive and to avoid bacteria.

Working with local Musicians

I am working with some musicians and making a video to spread a positive story of kindness and change which will hopefully be done soon...

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Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessities which should be freely available to them. Help us change that. Help us save lives and build tiny houses for the homeless. 


We have a simple mission: to give people in the world a safe place to sleep. While this should be a trivial quest in a developed country, without governmental support or social infrastructure that should be empathetic to those suffering, it can be incredibly difficult to create change. The Tiny House, Huge Purpose Charity aims to help communities develop sustainable, ecological, simple, easy-to-maintain systems to get shelter and services to everyone who needs it.

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Founded: 2015

Owner: Elvis Summers


Areas of expertise: 
Empathy, Tiny House Construction, Philanthropy, Fundraising, Hope.

Tiny Houses For The Homeless in Los Angeles

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