Unfortunately, providing someone with a Tiny House, wishing them good luck and sending them on there way just isn't enough to help people get on their feet. It requires so much more. People need Showers, Laundry, Bathrooms, Services, Purpose and much more support. Here's is a Generalized Overview Plan of How our Tiny House Communities will work and be set up and is based off of already current Tiny House Communities which have proven success. 


Mobile Shower


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To create tiny house shelters, rebuild communities, help those who need it and to inspire people to be Doers and to act now for a better tomorrow and to open their minds to compassion and Empathy. We need your help, though.

Tiny Houses For The Homeless in Los Angeles


Are you Homeless? Do you have nowhere to go? Do you want to get off the streets and Live again? Put your name on our list so we can Build you a Tiny House and get you Sheltered!

Houseless Veteran


Tiny House


135 School Kids  =

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My Tiny House Project LA

This page provides some information on all the awesome things Elvis is going to do next. like building more tiny houses for the homeless in Los Angeles. Including Building a 28' Foot Tiny House with a over 135 Kids! Have a look by clicking below!

Done Right.

Do YOU want to build a Tiny House to

help the homeless?

The Next Level


Tiny House Community Plan

Our Mission

There are endless ways you can build a Tiny House or Small Shelter to help someone. It can be any shape, any color, a certain style, or even have a theme. It really just 
​depends on your imagination, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start.

To Get you Started, here is a list of all the materials I use to build this style of house.