My Tiny House Project LA

This is our WISH list of items we really need help with.

Hand Sanitizer. Without access to a Sink to Wash away Germs and Bacteria, hand sanitizer is crucial to preventing sickness and disease.

Common Item's needed on a regular basis
These items are needed daily to help those suffering on the streets.

Currently We have either run out of our supply or are VERY low and need help. All Items Can Be Shipped Directly here, If Needed.
​​Starting Human
S Figueroa St #155

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Cases of Bottled Water. The most simple and fundamental requirement of life. You would think that of all things, especially in the United States, that anybody, any person could go anywhere and get a at least a drink of water if they needed, especially if they were dying of thirst..I mean Come'on....It's Just Water! Sadly No, You Can't. Especially if you live on the street. -  We need cases of water, we have run out of our supply and need help with some cases to keep people hydrated. Many Haven't been able to get access to even Water.

BleachWith a poorly managed department of sanitation and a lack of personnel to handle a humanitarian crisis living on the streets, Bleach is incredibly important and vital for keeping the area's surrounding houseless encampments clean, not only for the houseless but for society in general and helps prevent catastrophic epidemics of disease from effecting the population.

Lotion. Southern California can be a pretty harsh environment on the skin. Especially for those who are stuck with no shelter. Ever had dry skin so bad your skin actually cracks open? It's not very fun, and doesn't look very good either. Simply having some lotion can keep your skin from cracking open and prevent pain and bacteria from entering the body.

Socks. One of the most Needed and least donated items are socks. 

Baby Wipes. Baby Wipes are very helpful to keeping clean when on the spot and no shower is available. Staying Clean is a Vital Right and Needed in order to be productive and carry some sort of self worth.

Tiny House Construction Materials

Mouth Wash. When is the last time you brushed your teeth? Ever gone a whole day without, or long enough that you get that horrible feeling of film on your teeth, feel gross and can't wait to go brush them?....Now Imagine not being able to brush your teeth after that. Yeah, GROSS. Mouth Wash is Needed!